Here at Gozzy Gxmz, we take pride in providing products that are high quality and environmentally friendly. Packaging is guaranteed to have ZERO plastic and is 100% recyclable!

    Did you know conventional cotton is a resource-hungry material? A conventional T-shirt needs 2,700 liters of water from the irrigation phase to production, that's enough water to fill 17 bathtubs! In addition, cultivation often involves the use of substances that are harmful to your health such as pesticides, insecticides, and other chemicals.

    This is why Gozzy Gxmz is such a refreshing alternative! Our products are made with 100% organic cotton! Organic cotton is less irritating on the skin and is more sustainable, requiring less water consumption (on average only 40 liters for one T-shirt).

    Our unique bears are printed on the textile using water-based inks, 100% eco-certified by OEKO-TEX® ECO PASSPORT and by the very serious GOTS 5.0 label, and are VEGAN! 

    Gozzy Gxmz clothing is a wise choice if you want to combine quality and skin-friendliness while being environmentally conscientious. All these conditions are in place to provide strong, durable, and quality products.